Hayfever Injection

 CHECK CURRENT PRICE UPDATE BEFORE BOOKING. (£120 per dose from 14/06/2024)

Severe hayfever symptoms can ruin peoples’ summers and have a detrimental effect on quality of life and ability to work optimally.

Certain parts of the UK are particularly affected by pollens and allergens likely to give severe symptoms, with the most likely culprits being a mixture of flower and tree pollen such as silver birch and rapeseed.

If you have severe symptoms that fail to respond to other treatments, such as oral antihistamine medications, topical eye drops and so on, it is possible to request an appointment to discuss the hay fever injection.

How much does it cost?

If booked 14/06/2024 ONWARDS – £120 PER DOSE. (UPDATED13/06/2024)

If booked on 13/06/2024 £80 PER DOSE. (updated 12/06/2024)

Due to continued supply shortage the cost of this service has unfortunately increased again. Anyone who has booked this service prior to 13/06/2024 will pay the previous price of £60. And anyone who has booked from 13/06/2024 will pay £80. If you have booked from 14/06/2024 the cost will unfortunately be £120.

We apologise for the temporary increase in price due to national shortages from suppliers. We predict that this item will soon be out of stock from all suppliers within the next month. The increase is due to an increased price we are receiving stock from suppliers.

Hayfever injection costs £120 per 40mg dose, including a free medical consultation at Lowmoor Pharmacy.

What is a hayfever injection?

Hayfever injection is a corticosteroid injection which has anti-inflammatory properties. It suppresses the immune system and stops the natural pollen response from going ‘haywire’. This is the same medication given by doctors regularly for tennis elbow, various ligament and muscular strains, osteoarthritis and other joint conditions.

As with all injected medications, and in line with good medical practice, the doctor will undertake a careful risk assessment to make sure that you are a good candidate for treatment, and will explain the potential side effects and likely benefits in detail.

How does it work?

The overwhelming feedback from patients in terms of response, control of symptoms and improvement in quality of life is very positive.
It is given in the top of the buttock and starts working almost immediately and typically ‘kicks in’ anywhere from one to forty-eight hours after administration.

This medication administered when hayfever symptoms first appear can give symptom remission that lasts for the duration of the entire pollen or allergen season (usually three months).

The dose required to control severe symptoms is partly related to body weight, and heavier subjects will require a larger dose to ease their symptoms. We have found that the therapeutic dose for most effective relief is 1mg per kg of body weight, therefore our standard doses administered are 40mg-80mg per patient per season.

The full range of treatments options available for hay fever will be discussed by doctors, who will decide whether the potential benefits of the treatment for severe hayfever outweigh any risks.

No intervention currently available to severe hayfever sufferers in the UK offers greater convenience, symptom relief and patient satisfaction than this single intramuscular injection which can last up to three months. We have hundreds of messages each hayfever season from grateful patients who feel that they have regained their quality of life.

Book Your Appointment

Please note that a consultation is required prior the appointment to discuss whether you are eligible to receive the hayfever injection.

All patients attending our clinics for this injection are advised to read the manufacturer’s patient information leaflet here prior to attending, so that they are able to make an informed decision to have treatment, having considered all the risks, as with all medication.